6 Reasons Why Your eCommerce Needs A Mobile App

6 Reasons Why Your eCommerce Needs A Mobile App

Today, the eCommerce market is overcrowded with thousands of companies and startups, which makes these companies offer their clients more advantages to increase attention and transactions. A mobile app for an eCommerce website is one of the most useful supplements that can be used to boost active audience engagement, and this article covers six main benefits of having a commercial mobile app.

Statistics on eCommerce Mobile App Usage

Nothing will give you a bigger picture than statistics, and it shows that in 2018, website traffic generated through mobile devices worldwide reached 52.2%, comparing to 35.1% in 2015 and only 0.7% in 2009. The smartphone market continues to show strong and solid growth for years. An eCommerce mobile application is still more convenient in usage than a website’s mobile version, and for some users it may be the only option to buy something from your store.

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The number of mobile shoppers constantly grows and eCommerce website owners who still hesitate to develop a fully functional mobile application, need to consider the numbers below. 

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Nowadays, considering the high number of mobile users and the limits imposed by the Covid-19, having a mobile application for retail and other businesses is rather a necessity and no longer a luxury. Consider the following reasons, if you are still unsure on how a mobile app will benefit your eCommerce business during the pandemic, in the post-pandemic period, and for the years to come.

Reason 1: Customers prefer using Mobile Apps over Mobile Browsers

Today, any website without an optimized user-friendly mobile version won’t show good results on conversion and profit. When it comes to rating and promotion, Google will give a significantly higher search position to a mobile-friendly website. However, an optimized eCommerce website with a mobile app will be a priority not only for search engines, but also for real customers.

One of the most reliable statistics online services show that the number of non-gaming apps constantly grows and by 2022, the number of downloaded applications will reach at least 258.2 billions worldwide. 

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Reason 2: Enhanced Customer Engagement

Today, customers are spoiled with a variety of choices, that is why, having an app is not a trend anymore, but “a must”.

Just having an eCommerce shopping app is not enough for profit and brand loyalty increase. You need to get a great application, with user-friendly UX design and flawless logic, making your customers want to constantly use it.

Obviously, you will have to research and analyse your competitors’ applications, to ensure your app is unique and stands out from the crowd. Keeping an eye on the industry trends will help you decide on the mobile application features.

The statistics show that people of all ages use applications on a daily basis and the most solvent age group is Millennials. Your application must be convenient for all age layers to cover a bigger audience for bigger profit.

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Reason 3: Higher number of successfully completed orders

Since people spend more time on the internet via their smartphones rather than desktop computers, you can establish stronger connection with your clients by giving them an app as an additional shopping option. By making your website and application synchronised, a customer can add items to cart using a tablet or a mobile device and finish purchase on the computer, or vice versa.

The interactive interface of a mobile app, aligned with the appropriate UX & UI guidelines will simulate a natural flow of buyer journey to stimulate customers complete the orders and not abandon the carts. It is well known that ecommerce mobile apps have the least abandonment rate compared to desktop and mobile friendly websites, as these has been proven to reduce the friction in the checkout process.

Reason 4: Reaching out to customers by using alerts & notifications

Alerts and notifications are the best marketing tools that increase the number of sales, thus, benefits of a mobile app for your eCommerce are undeniable.

Push notifications is one of the biggest benefits of mobile apps over mobile browser. By using them in a retail business apps you can inform customers about sales and discounts, news, unfinished purchase, etc. 

Push notifications may significantly reduce your cart abandonment rate, because you can automatically send reminders on unfinished orders and special offers on items in users’ wish lists. Such notifications may increase brand loyalty and interest, if making them personalised and adjusted to different user categories and preferences.

In addition, customers will be grateful for notifications on items of their interest that are back in stock.

Reason 5: Increased customer loyalty and retention

People who decided to download your application already show loyalty to your brand and readiness to invest in your eCommerce website and a mobile app.

Mobile applications are commonly easier in use, thus, make shopping and payment processes simple and convenient. One of the main reasons why people choose eCommerce mobile apps over websites is that the mobile apps have the settings already saved, resulting in faster and convenience use.


Having both, the website and mobile application will benefit your brand image and grow conversion rates.

Consider adding loyalty programs and rewards to your ecommerce mobile app, as these resulted being the main reasons for app usage. People always value brands that solve their problems and provide a comfortable and trustworthy environment for shopping.

Reason 6: Converting “Just Browsing” into Profit

Desktop computers significantly limit conditions to access your online store. Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets can be used almost everywhere. A mobile application brings more flexibility to your customers and a properly designed and developed mobile app for eCommerce opens bigger opportunities for your business, but only if it is of high-quality and bugs-free.

Since an application is more convenient in usage, your target customers can use the time spent while on the road or standing in a queue browsing and shopping for your service. Obviously, under such conditions, customers are less likely to purchase something, but they are more likely to browse through your items, check out on new discounts & special offers, potentially add items to the wish list/cart, and complete the transactions later with the help of your app reminders.


Many eCommerce business owners seriously underestimate the importance of having a good-quality mobile application in addition to the website. However, the studies have shown that an average internet user tends to use a mobile application instead of a slower mobile browser version. In the retail industry this would mean that a branded mobile app can satisfy target customers’ needs a few times more than a regular website.

Shopping must be simple for all users, that is why, top-quality mobile applications with their simplicity have a great positive impact on the business and company’s overall growth. Information has always been a key to success, but without professional development assistance this information is useless, so get in touch with our team and our experienced developers will create an eCommerce mobile app that fully meets your idea and business needs.


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