7 Reasons Why Your Dental Practice Needs a Mobile App

Healthcare application development is a rapidly emerging area. Applications allow the healthcare industry to improve by making it less expensive, but more convenient. People spent 90% of their mobile time using applications in 2019. Mobile applications became a part of our daily life and are one of the main brand awareness tools.

The dental practice is a business and, like other businesses nowadays, you need to be present in the digital space to enhance the client’s experience. Here are some reasons why you should create a mobile application for your dental practice:

1. Convenience

The dental application is a convenient way to see all the information about the patients, dentists, and other things in one place. You can make any changes through a smartphone, tablets, or desktop. Convenience for patients is clear: all the information is in one place.

2. Mobility

Nowadays people are becoming busier and the ability to view data on the smartphone while on the go seems to them more intriguing then ever.

Some patients even embed the push-notifications function, to ensure that the app keeps them updated with clinic latest news or general patient communications.

3. Feedback

Your patients can evaluate the clinic services by posting reviews of practice via a dentist app. Thus, you can get data on the work of each doctor and other employees in the dental application without much effort. Clients will no longer have to mess with paper questionnaires, which often only annoys them.

4. Be in Touch

The contact form in the app will greatly simplify the communication between the patient and the dentist. Such a time-saver for your patients and shorter queues at the clinic, as their dental concern could be remotely discussed, and screens/ photos reviewed before even booking an appointment.

5. Analytics

Like in any other mobile app, the client visits certain pages, clicks on buttons, and send reviews. These insights will help practice owners assess how patients relate and engage to the dental clinic over the time.

6. Go Paperless

Yes, you can’t completely abandon paper sources, but some of them can be transformed into digital means. With the help of an application, patients will be able to upload some of the necessary files, such  x-rays or panoramics.

7. Interactivity

For some people, the dental experience is associated with scare and pain. Mobile apps can redirect people’s attitudes to a more positive way, thanks to interactions, gamification elements, vivid colors, and different informational notes.

To Sum Up

Mobile apps take one of the main places in our daily routine. That is why for client-oriented businesses creating a mobile app should be a priority. If your dental practice aims to become a market leader by increasing the loyalty of current patients and attracting new ones – mobile application is must-have.

To ensure your dental app is a great success, here at Vellgus, we take a custom approach from the Discovery Phase all the way to the Launch Phase. We start this with gathering lots of information about your idea and what you are trying to achieve by developing the dental app. Your app design & functionality preferences, end-users, budget, and timelines will be discussed upfront and on an ongoing basis. These will help us to maximize the app value for your practice and for the best project outcomes.

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If you are planning to have a mobile app developed for your dental practice, but not sure on where to start, feel free to drop us a line at hello@vellgus.com or reach out to us at (780) 800 6949, and one of our experts will help you get started.

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