Remember everything you learn! The art of learning and mastering skills as twice as fast.

A start-up company which took the challenge to bring the need of remembering knowledge into the digital world and help people with access to smartphones have a better use of it.


The knowledge that we do not constantly repeat or apply fades quickly. There was a need for an app to help people learn and remember things, while developing and improving their memory. MindZip made it easy and fun to save and repeat knowledge.


Around this idea we have created an ecosystem which includes mobile apps, web app, chrome extension all connected to server side via API. This tool unites content creators, publishers and users who are willing to subscribe to high quality content. All the apps are in sync and help to focus on the importance of creating and memorizing knowledge by removing all the distractions which the user may experience. One of the best things about this tool is a wise use of push notifications which brings ultimate value to the user.


– In-app purchases (iOS/Android)
– In-app subscriptions
– Push notifications
– Third party API integrations
– In-app chat
– Off-line mode
– Social features

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