How a mobile app will benefit your business

With an increase in mobile trend, more and more business owners are opting for a mobile app.

How a mobile app will benefit your business.

-Brand awareness
Statistics shows that on average a person spends more then 5 hours a day using their mobile devices and they prefer a native mobile app rather that a website. Only about 15% of customers go to browsers rather than use the native app. Your app will give the potential to reach a whole new set of customers who are experiencing your brand for the first time.

– Direct marketing channel
Like all other marketing tools and channels, your app will have the purpose of an Ad. Apps can serve almost for everything: you can find info or prices there, book tables, search features, interact with other users, chat, and review the news feeds. The idea that users are only one finger tap away from the information you are about to share with them, is the biggest benefit from mobile apps. In addition, there is the option of push notifications that won’t let your users miss anything. There is nothing comparable to such close, direct, and impactful interaction with your customers.

– Value for customers
Loyalty programs can be easily digitalized. Your app will provide your customers with a clear, convenient, accessible way to have their rewards, discounts, or special offers handy.

– Customer engagement
Regardless of what business you have, what products you make or what services provide, your customers need a way to reach you and vice versa. You can add to your app a chat, helpdesk, or an option to submit questions. This can make a difference in the way you communicate with your customers.

-Competitive advantage
Despite the many benefits a mobile app could provide to a business, there are still many small business owners that do not have one. This is where you can take advantage of the situation and be a head of your competitors, by developing one.

-Mobile payments
Mobile payments aren’t something new anymore. The mobile market share is growing rapidly. Tomorrow computers will be considered as old fashioned technologies. Add an option for your customers to pay with their smartphones and they will choose you among your competitors.

To sum up, if you have an idea but you do not know where to start, we’re are here for you. By using the latest development tools, we can create an app for you for a small fraction of time and financial investment.

We encourage you to contact us, so we can help you explore your opportunities and bring your ideas to life.

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