Can Red Light Therapy Reverse Gray Hair?

Is it possible to take a few minutes out of each day and actually reverse the onset of gray hair? The answer, surprisingly, is yes! Red light therapy has been shown to have the potential to stop and even turn back the clock on graying hair. Scientists believe that with regular use, this type of therapy can reduce or even completely reverse the effects of aging on hair follicles, offering a new glimmer of hope to men and women alike. In this article, we’ll delve into how red light therapy works, who stands to gain from it, and how to incorporate it into your daily routine. Get ready to find out if this new form of therapy can be your answer to graying hair!

Benefits of Red Light Therapy for Reversing Gray Hair

Red light therapy is a promising option for those looking to reverse gray hair. In the simplest of terms, red light works by stimulating the root of the hair follicles, increasing blood flow and promoting the growth of new, pigmented hairs. This boost in circulation causes the body to produce more melanin, the pigment responsible for hair color. The result? Hair that looks more youthful and fuller of life! In addition to stimulating new growth, red light therapy can also slow down the natural graying process, ultimately extending the life of your existing hair color. As an added bonus, red light therapy is a completely natural, non-invasive treatment with no known side effects. Those who choose to use it can enjoy the benefits of full and vibrant hair without worrying about pain or potential risks. Happy hair days are here again! With red light therapy, you can reclaim your youthful head of hair in no time.    

Who Can Benefit From Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy has the potential to benefit a wide range of people. One major age group that could potentially benefit from it are those over the age of 40 who are beginning to notice their hair graying. Studies have shown that daily use of red light therapy can slow down the natural graying process, so it could be a great option for those who want to preserve their existing hair color. However, red light therapy isn’t just limited to graying hair—it can also help those with certain medical conditions. Those dealing with alopecia, psoriasis, or dermatitis can all potentially benefit from red light therapy, as it has been known to help promote the growth of healthier and stronger hair. Additionally, people who want to provide their hair with extra nourishment and protection from sun damage can also benefit from regular use of red light therapy. And finally, those who want to achieve optimal scalp health can also benefit from this therapy, as it promotes the production of sebum which helps regulate pH levels and keep hair follicles healthy and functioning properly. All in all, red light therapy is an accessible and beneficial form of treatment that can help almost anyone achieve their hair goals.

How to Incorporate Red Light Therapy Into Your Routine

Incorporating red light therapy into your daily routine is easy, as long as you take the time to establish a regular schedule that works for you. Start by choosing the right products – make sure to select a device or lamp with medical-grade lights, specifically designed for red light therapy, as other forms of light therapy may not be as effective. It’s also a good idea to wear protective goggles during your sessions, as red light can be harmful to the eyes. Once you’ve your lamp and decided on a schedule, it’s time to start using it. Remember to use the red light therapy lamp for at least 10 minutes a day, and be sure to take care of your skin afterwards. These include using a moisturizer or serum and drink lots of water.

Which Products Work Best For Red Light Therapy

When it comes to red light therapy, there are many products on the market that can help you achieve your desired results. The type of product you choose should depend on your individual needs and preference, as different products can produce different results. For instance, if you’re looking for a more targeted approach, then you might want to consider using a Vellgus red light mini, for a broader approach, you can opt for full-body lamp, such as Vellgus red light pro or Vellgus red light max, which deliver a more even distribution of light.

Red Light Mini


The Vellgus red light mini is the ultimate combination of power and portability. Its low EMF, no flicker dual NIR and red-Light therapy device offers the perfect blend of near infrared light at 850nm and red light at 660nm in one package, allowing users to enjoy both benefits with a simple flick of a switch.

In conclusion, red light therapy presents a viable and natural solution to hair aging. With the right products, it can be easily incorporated into your daily routine, providing you with an effective and safe way to reverse gray hair and achieve the hair of your dreams. With this in mind, you can enjoy the benefits of full and vibrant hair without worrying about potential risks or side effects. So, why not give red light therapy a try and see what it can do for you?

Does red light therapy change hair color?

Red light therapy can help stimulate blood flow to the scalp, which in turn can encourage hair growth, but it won’t change your hair color. While some people report that their hair looks shinier and healthier after using red light therapy, changes in color are more likely due to different factors like genetics or environmental exposures. Red light therapy is a great way to support healthy hair growth and enhance the appearance of your locks, but if you’re looking to change your hair color, it’s best to explore other options.

How long does it take for red light therapy to work on hair?

The results of red light therapy on hair can vary from person to person, and depending on the condition of your scalp and the intensity of the treatment. Generally speaking, most people tend to notice some improvements in their hair after about 8-12 weeks of regular use, but best results are generally achieved with an ongoing commitment over several months. If you’re looking for more immediate results, you may want to consider other treatment options.

Can I use red light therapy on color-treated hair?

Yes! Red light therapy is safe and effective for color-treated hair, as it won’t cause any further damage or diminish the vibrancy of your color. In fact, many people report that their color looks more vibrant after using red light therapy, as the increased blood flow to the scalp helps to nourish their hair follicles and enhance its overall appearance.

How often can you use red light therapy on hair?

Typically, red light therapy should be used at least two to three times a week for best results. However, it’s important to follow the specific instructions provided by your device manufacturer, as the exact recommended frequency can vary depending on the type of unit you’re using. Additionally, if you’re using a handheld device, it’s important to move the device around your scalp in order to ensure that all areas are receiving an even distribution of light.

Which red light is best for hair growth?

Red light therapy devices usually emit a range of wavelengths from the red spectrum, typically between 630 and 810 nanometers (nm). For hair growth, the optimal wavelength is generally considered to be in the 660-770 nm range. However, if you’re unsure of which exact wavelength is best for your needs. Vellgus Mini lamp with 15 LED’s can provide you with a full spectrum of healing light, making it a great option for hair growth.

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What is the best red light therapy at home?

The Vellgus Mini Lamp is one of the most popular and effective red light therapy devices available on the market today. It features 15 bright LEDs that emit a full spectrum of healing light at an optimal wavelength for stimulating hair growth, and its design makes it easy to use in the comfort of your own home. Plus, with its rechargeable battery and convenient carrying case, it’s the perfect choice for taking your red light therapy on the go.

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