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Join the Vellgus Affiliate Program

Connecting like minded individuals and business owners to make a difference in the health and wellness space.

How Does the Affiliate Program Work?

Step 1: APPLY

If approved you’ll become a Vellgus Affiliate and have the ability to promote and make a commission from all Vellgus Red Light products you sell through your business or social media brand. This isn’t just another run of the mill affiliate program, we want the best and most passionate people that genuinely want to help people function at their highest level.


Vellgus Red Light has products that your customers and followers are looking for. You can recommend them in person, share our name in your profile, and anything else you’d like. You’ll do this by educating and providing guidance to people interested in transforming their health utilizing our broad and growing range of health and wellness products.

Step 3: EARN

We will provide you with a custom link/promo code that will allow you to track and record any sales you make. You’ll be able to increase your income by recommending one of the many Vellgus Red Light products. You’re earnings are uncapped so the sky is the limit!