Welcome to the Vellgus light therapy family!

We are excited to have you join us, and we can’t wait to see how you benefit from the power of Red & Near Infrared Light Therapy.

Your panel device delivers medical-grade irradiance at both 660nm, 850nm. These light wavelengths have been scientifically proven to provide therapeutic effects.

How Your Light Therapy Works

Your panel works by emitting red and near infrared light within a certain range of wavelengths and intensity. These treatments penetrate your body to generate a number of health benefits.

Many of these benefits occur because red and near infrared light activates various metabolic pathways, leading to increased production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), enhanced celIular signaling, and elevated protein synthesis.

Red and near infrared light therapy has been proven to be effective for a wide range of health issues, including, but not limited to the following:

• Muscle Recovery
• Joint Pain & Arthritis
• Weight Loss
• Skin Health
• Anti-Aging
• Mental Clarity
• Sexual Performance
• Hormonal Balance
• Relaxation & Sleep

We recommend removing your clothes and exposing your skin during treatment for best results.

Treatment Guidelines

We have compiled a list of the main concerns and created a recommended usage guide. Please note, this is a guideline and everyone is different.

Skin Health (Wrinkles, Acne, Wounds)
Treatment Time Per Session: 10 Minutes
Sessions Per Week:
3-5 times per week
Wavelength: Red Light Only
Target Area: Anywhere skin is showing symptoms
Distance from Device: 10 cm


Thyroid Function
Treatment Time Per Session: 8-10 Minutes
Sessions Per Week: 5-7 times per week
Wavelength: Near Infrared or both
Target Area: Thyroid Glands (tilt head back slightly)
Distance from Device: 10 cm

Weight Loss

Weight Loss
Treatment Time Per Session: 10 Minutes
Sessions Per Week: 5-7 times per week (pre or post exercise)
Wavelength: Near Infrared & Red Light
Target Area: Directly on fat, cellulite or whole body
Distance from Device: 10 cm

Joint pain

Joint Pain & Arthritis
Treatment Time Per Session: 10 Minutes
Sessions Per Week: 6-7 times per week (twice daily if painful)
Wavelength: Near Infrared
Target Area: Directly on symptomatic joint
Distance from Device: 10 cm


Muscle Recovery
Treatment Time Per Session: 10 Minutes
Sessions Per Week: 3-5 times per week
Wavelength: Near Infrared & Red Light
Target Area: Directly on muscle (after workout)
Distance from Device: 10 cm

Boost Testosterone

Boost Testosterone
Treatment Time Per Session: 5-10 Minutes
Sessions Per Week: 5-7 times per week
Wavelength: Near Infrared
Target Area: Directly on testes
Distance from Device: 10 cm

Brain Health

Brain Health & Cognitive Function
Treatment Time Per Session: 10 Minutes, twice daily
Sessions Per Week: 5-7 times per week
Wavelength: Near Infrared
Target Area: Directly on head
Distance from Device: 10 cm

Sleep Circadian Rhytm

Sleep & Circadian Rhythm
Treatment Time Per Session: 10-15 Minutes
Sessions Per Week: 5-7 times per week (30 mins before bed)
Wavelength: Red Light
Target Area: Anywhere in bed room
Distance from Device: Anywhere in bed room

General Questions

Red and near infrared (NIR) light are both natural types of light which come from the sun and have been clinically proven to enhance cellular function. The main differences are that red light at 660nm only penetrates the body up to a depth of about 5-10mm and may contribute greatly to improved skin health and collagen production.

Near infrared light at 850nm is invisible to the human eye and penetrates deeper into the body, between 50mm and 75mm, providing energetic and anti-inflammatory benefits at these levels which has been shown to increase muscle recovery and reduce joint pain, amongst many other benefits.

It's pretty simple actually. It helps your cells do their jobs better! It does this by knocking out stuck nitric oxide in the mitochondria of the cell so oxygen can get back in there and boom, you’ve got increased ATP production = more energy for the cell to do it’s job.

We highly recommend using your Hive for ten minute sessions about 7.5cm (3 inches) away from your target area. See our Treatment Guidelines.

Eye protection is not essential; however, we recommend not staring directly into the LED panel. When utilizing your Vellgus Red Light Device for a face session you should ideally close your eyes for maximum comfort and relaxation.

These wavelengths (660nm & 850nm) have been shown in multiple studies to be beneficial for the eyes and are currently being studied for treatment of certain eye diseases. However, due to the level of brightness it’s a good idea to wear darkened safety glasses, turn on the light away from you, and let your eyes adjust before shining on your face / eyes.

Red light therapy is a safe and non-invasive treatment for several different ailments. The light panels themselves do not get particularly warm, but your skin may begin to feel warm as your treatment session progresses. This is due to the increased circulation to the area that is exposed to the light. Most people find red light therapy to be comfortable and relaxing.

When just starting out, you will want to start slow with just 2 minutes per area per day. You can add 1 minute per session as long as you’re feeling good, working to a max of 10-15 minute sessions. This gives your body time to adapt to the light.
If you’re working on multiple body areas, you can do a 10 minute session for area number 1 and then move the panel to another area for a 2nd 10 minute session. You can do multiple body areas per day, but you want to avoid doing more than 15 minutes for a specific area.

Ideally, you’ll be 6-12 inches away for 10 minutes per area. If you want to be 12-18 inches away, you’ll add 5 minutes to the session for a total of 15 minutes. And for 18-24, a total of 20 minutes. This is because energy is lost over distance so the further away you are, the more session time will be needed to achieve the same amount of power.

Drink some water! Hydration is important in general, but once you expose your body tissues and their cells to the red light, their energy levels will go up significantly. Just like when you hit the gym for a workout, your cells need to stay hydrated when they are “working out” too. Hydrating after a session gives your cells all the fuel they need, as the energizing effects of red light do not diminish the moment you step away from your light panel.

You can consider your red light therapy sessions to be effective when you begin to notice an improvement in any of the symptoms you are treating, such as acne, chronic pain, or the texture of scars. Other ways you can tell that your time in front of the light panel is making a difference is that your energy levels may seem higher, or your quality of sleep may improve. All these things are definite signs that your light therapy is paying off. Light therapy begins on a cellular level, creating changes under the surface that later make a difference on the outside.

Near infrared light is invisible to the naked eye. All our devices come with the standard layout of red 660nm light and near infrared 850nm light. If your red light LEDs are working, your near infrared LEDs should be as well. All devices can be operated with red and NIR (near infrared) independently, with the exception of the Vellgus Red Light Mini.
One way to test your devices is to turn off your red light, but leave NIR light running. You should see a very faint illumination of the NIR LEDs.

The most optimal results are achieved through having your bare skin absorbing the light, in the specifically chosen target area.
Clothes block the light waves from directly penetrating the skin, decreasing the effectiveness of the light. Having minimal clothing on, or none, allows the red light waves to cover the maximum amount of surface area.

It’s best to have clean, dry skin. Lotions, creams, makeup will reflect some of the light, decreasing its effectiveness.

There is no harm to wearing contact lenses during your light therapy session, as you will likely have your eyes closed while you relax and enjoy the light panel. Some users have reported experiencing dry eyes while wearing their contact lenses during their light panel sessions. Therefore, it is ultimately your choice on whether you’d like to keep your contacts in or not.

Seasonal depression is a condition that many individuals struggle with, especially in northern regions where wintertime means shorter, darker days for several months of the year. Our light panels produce light waves that hold similar properties to that of natural sunlight. Science and years of research are telling us that individuals are seeing improvement in the symptoms of their seasonal depression after just one session.

Any one of our panels would help to promote a better night’s rest overall. Exposure to any one of our red devices will help your body’s circadian rhythm shift into a healthier sleep schedule. Light will also help to treat any other causes of poor night’s sleep such as inflammation in the body causing pain and discomfort. When used first thing in the morning, light will help suppress melatonin and increase serotonin.

There are so many reasons why red light therapy is so beneficial for an individual who works out regularly. The increase in blood flow that red light promotes will allow your muscles to maintain optimal oxygen levels while you push them to become stronger. Not only will this enhance your ability to work out, but also help you recover from a workout faster than you ever have. Because light reduces inflammation, healing and recovery time will be decreased.

If you are taking any photosensitizing medication ensure you seek medical advice before using Vellgus Red Light. Such medications include Tetracycline, Digoxin and Retin A. Thousands of clinical trials have shown light therapy to be safe and effective, however it is always recommended to consult your health care provider of doctor before using it.

Peer reviewed clinical trials have shown red light therapy to be safe and beneficial. However, if you would like your children to experience red light therapy we always recommend consulting with your healthcare professional first.

After just a few sessions you may experience reduced swelling, stiffness and clearer skin. After one session you may feel a nice warmth around the area you have used your device on. Consistent use over time will get the best results.
Remember the way it works is by helping your cells do their job better, so it's still up to your cells to do the work once they've gotten the boost from the any Vellgus Red Light device. So if you want to boost results, eat well, stay hydrated, and make sure to relieve stress as much as possible.

If you are following the guidelines provided with your panel, such as positioning yourself at the correct distance away and spending the right amount of time in front of your panel, you should be getting just the right amount of light exposure. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see immediate results. It can take a few weeks to begin to see the profound effects that red light has on your body. It begins in the cells, remember. Your cells need time to work with all the new energy you are giving them and have a noticeable positive impact on your body.

Yes. If you do too much the positive effects go away because you are actually adding more stress to the cells. Just stick to less than 15 mins per area per day and you’ll be on the safe side. More than that and you'll just be undoing the positive effects anyways.
It’s worth noting that red light therapy is very safe and there are no known negative side effects after over 5,000 clinical studies.