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VELLGUS elite+max



Upgrade your red light therapy experience and take it to the next level with VELLGUS elite+max. This combo is specifically designed for those wanting a brighter and more intense red light treatment – offering larger light output, as well as powerful and UV-free treatments from the convenience of your own home. Enjoy full body treatments and experience all the numerous health benefits that come with it, such as reduced inflammation, improved circulation, accelerated healing, enhanced collagen production and reduction in wrinkles.

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Available on backorder

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  • Reduce Acne and Acne Scaring
  • Enhance Health and Wellness
  • Improve Muscle Recovery
  • Improve Sexual Performance
  • Relieve Pain and Improve Joint Health
  • Increase Collagen Production
  • Improve Mood and Energy Levels
  • Reverse Skin Aging
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Improve Wound Healing
  • Improve Sleep and Circadian Rhythm
  • Increase Melatonin Levels

  • Multiwave+ Technology: 25% 630nm, 25% 660nm, 16% 810nm, 16% 830nm, 16% 850nm
  •  Pulsing+ Mode
  •  Dimming+ Mode 
  • High Power Output Device
  • Safe & easy to use for everyone
  • Timer settings 
  • Stand Included in the box (elite)
  • Digital Display with Smart Screen
  • Warranty 3 years

  • Wavelength: 660nm (Red) & 850nm (Near Infrared)
  • LED Quantity: 60x5W
  • Weight: 2.6 kg
  • Dimensions: 10.23in*7.87in*2.5in (26cm**6.5cm)
  • Irradiance >245 mW/cm2
  • Light Output: 5 Watt*60
  • EMF Emission is 0.00 at 4 inches
  • Treatment Target Area: Half body

1*Vellgus Red Light Elite
1*Vellgus Red Light Max
1*Table Stand Integrated (elite)
1*Plug with 1.5m cable
1* Goggles
1* User Manual
1* Door Hook
1* Remote Control

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Red Light Therapy (aka photobiomodulation) is the science of light and its impact on our biology.
All the benefits of Red Light Therapy comes from the following process:

1. The Right Light Spectrum

The red (660nm) and near-infrared  (850nm) spectrum are scientifically proven to excite the key enzyme Cytochrome (CCO) and the mitochondria of the cell.

2. Boost In Cellular Energy

Once Cytochrome is saturated with the 660nm and 850nm spectrum, the inhibitory Nitric Oxide is reduced and Oxygen is increased. This leaves place fro the Mitochondria to produce more Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), which is the energy the cells use.

3. Anti-Inflammatory Properties

The now oxygen-rich blood travels through the brain and body and reduces overall inflammation. Cellular functions are optimized which helps the optimal functioning of our biochemistry.

The 630nm wavelength is ideal for targeting all manner of skin concerns.

    In one study, the 630nm wavelength was combined with other beauty treatments such as microneedling to create a statistically significant improvement in photodamage, fine lines and sagging.
  • HAIR REGROWTH Red light therapy containing the 630nm wavelength has been proven to be a safe and effective method of stimulating hair growth in both men and women.
    The 630nm wavelength has also been shown to help reduce inflammation and breakouts.

Penetrating just a little deeper than the 630nm wavelength, the 660nm reaches into the entire range of the skin tissue to promote healing and regeneration.

    The 660nm wavelength teamed with the 830nm near-infrared wavelength has been proven to delay the development of fatigue in the muscles, and enhance skeletal muscle performance. (Athletes, take note.)
  • REDUCED INFLAMMATION: In a study investigating the effects of red light therapy on pleurisy, the 660nm wavelength was found to induce an anti-inflammatory effect.
  • IMPROVED BONE HEALING Improved bone healing: The 660nm wavelength encourages resorption and formation in the bone cells around the location where repair is needed, without causing any change to the bone structure.
    In one study, the 660 nm wavelength was found to reduce both inflammation and swelling by reducing the number of inflammatory cells which lead to the formation of swelling.
    A study investigating sciatic nerve pain in rats found that the 660 nm wavelength significantly helped to reduce pain.
    The 660 nm wavelength has been proven to increase the formation of new blood vessels and enhance collagen deposition to help in the healing of wound

With an ability to extend through the skull into the brain, the 810nm wavelength offers a unique array of neurological benefits. Many forward-thinking scientists are of the belief that light therapy for brain disorders will become a prominent medical treatment in the near future. Expect to reap the following benefits from the 810nm wavelength:

  • Improved healing and recovery:
    A study of soccer players showed that the 810nm wavelength applied before activity enhanced muscular performance and post-exercise recovery.
  • Accelerated wound healing: 810nm wavelengths have been shown to help expedite wound healing, helping the tissue to granulate more rapidly.
  • Improved recovery from stroke in certain patients: One study conducted among stroke patients showed that wavelengths of 810nm provided neuroprotective benefits and improved recovery among sufferers of moderate to severe strokes. Five days after the stroke, there was significant improvement among those who had been treated with the 810nm light therapy, compared to those who hadn’t. Ninety days post-stroke, 70% of the treated patients had a successful outcome, compared with only 51% of the control group.
  • Improved recovery from traumatic brain injury: 810nm has been proven in animal models to be particularly effective in fostering recovery from traumatic brain injuries, and reducing long-term neurological damage.
  • Improvement in psychiatric disorders: Prescription drugs for psychiatric conditions have long been recognized as having a limited ability to assist individuals suffering from psychiatric conditions. What’s more, pharmacotherapeutic medication often carries a host of unwanted side effects, while near-infrared light therapy doesn’t. 810nm wavelengths applied to the forehead have been shown to assist patients suffering from major depression and anxiety.
  • Hair growth:
    Studies have shown the 810nm wavelength can encourage significant hair growth in patients with androgenetic alopecia.

The 830nm wavelength is not as readily absorbed by the body, therefore it is able to penetrate deeper through skin and tissue and into the bone. A greater quantity of photons are delivered into the tissue with the 830nm wavelength. 

  • Accelerated healing and reduced infection:
    Like the 810nm wavelength, 830nm accelerates healing in wounds of different severity and helps to ward off infection.
  • Improved aesthetic outcomes following plastic surgery: Swift exposure to 830nm wavelengths after aesthetic surgery hastens recovery, reduces downtime and enhances the results of surgery by reducing swelling, infection, bruising and pain, therefore leading to greater patient satisfaction.
  • Increased endorphins: 830nm wavelengths increases the release of endorphins. Endorphins are peptides which promote feelings of wellness.
  • Improved bone repair and growth:
    An animal study demonstrated that 830nm light therapy improved bone repair by stimulating new bone growth.
  • Improvement in psychiatric disorders:
    Prescription drugs for psychiatric conditions have long been recognized as having a limited ability to assist individuals suffering from psychiatric conditions. What’s more, pharmacotherapeutic medication often carries a host of unwanted side effects, while near-infrared light therapy doesn’t. 810nm wavelengths applied to the forehead have been shown to assist patients suffering from major depression and anxiety.
  • Faster return-to-play after injury:
    The ability to return-to-play as swiftly as possible after injury or trauma is a key concern for any amateur or professional athlete. 830nm LED light therapy has been proven to significantly and safely reduce the wait time before injured athletes can return to play.

In many cases, the 850nm amplifies the benefits provided by the 810nm and 830nm wavelengths. This wavelength has a range of therapeutic applications such as:

  • Anti-inflammatory benefits:
    850nm wavelengths can help to reduce joint and muscle pain and diminish general inflammation in the body.
  • Enhanced muscle recovery:
    A study observed the use of 850nm wavelengths on athletes, and found that usage of the near-infrared light increased muscle mass after training, and decreased inflammation and oxidative stress in muscle biopsies.
  • Healing of wounds in the skin:
    Lesions in the skin heal faster when exposed to 850nm wavelength light therapy.
  • Reduction of lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation:
    850nm can support the production of collagen, assisting with plumper, more radiant-looking skin, and a more uniform texture.
  • Orthodontics and tooth alignment:
    The use of the 850nm wavelength can foster the speedy realignment of teeth for patients undergoing orthodontics.

Customer Reviews

Based on 165 reviews
Stacey Reimer (Denver, US)
Completely worth it

I am so thankful that these things have become available for home use. I purchased one over a year ago, and recently got a bigger light targeted for full body. Completely worth it.

Sally Button (New Brunswick, US)
Fast shipping

Just received and will update later.

Robert B (Union Grove, US)
Does the job

I am 64 and have a lot of aches and pains. It really does help.

Jeff Harris (East Lansing, US)
Great Product Good Work

It works very well with a very good timer, easy to use. Very sturdy, you can use it hanging from the door.. I use it mostly for my legs. But also on my face and core.

Richard Newport (Evanston, US)
Lets the healing begin!

Having used the more expensive Joovv alternative, I can say the Vellgus Red Light Therapy Device performs exactly the same and provides pain relief to my joints and muscles, has improved my REM and Deep sleep numbers, and helped my fiance’s skin look the best it ever has. I highly recommend this device for all of the purported benefits and without a doubt if you are considering a pricier option!

Anonymous (East Newark, US)
Great product

I originally bought this to help with my psoriasis but found it also helped with my teenager’s acne. When my psoriasis flares up, I use this for 15 minutes and the redness and itchiness decrease. You do need to use it consistently for best results but I see results with my psoriasis immediately. My son noticed improvements in his acne when he used it several days in a row. I like the timer function and that it comes with eye protection as well as a hanging device so you can stand and use it. Overall great product!

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